COVID-19 in Pregnancy Linked To Maternal Morbidity/Mortality and Newborn Complications
Research Highlights: Evaluation of Five Adjuvants with COVID-19 Subunit Vaccine
Research Highlights: Blood Type A and Type B May Have Higher Risk for Blood Clotting But Lower Risk for High Blood Pressure
Research Highlights: Mechanism Behind the Higher Affinity of ACE2 to SARS-CoV-2 Compared with SARS-CoV-1
Research Highlights: Scientists Mixed Human Cells with Monkey Cells to Create Chimeric Embryos
Deep Sea Elvis Worms: New Species with Glittery Looks
Research Highlights: Butyrate Produced by Gut Microbiome Can Improve Antitumor Responses of T Cells
Research Highlights: Excessive Exercise Linked to Mitochondrial Functional Impairment and Reduction of Glucose Tolerance
Research Highlights: Fossils Give Possible Clues to the Land Colonization by Fungi
Research Highlights: Immune Cell Response to COVID-19 Evolves in Few Months
Research Article: Investigation into the Toxicity of Traditional Uyghur Medicine Quercus Infectoria Galls Water Extract
Research Highlights: Patients May Experience Fatigue, Muscle Weakness, Sleep Difficulties, Anxiety, or Depression Few Months After COVID-19 Infection
Research Highlights: Cancer Cells Evade Death from Chemotherapy
Research Highlights: Inhibition of Prostaglandin-Degrading Enzyme Improves Aged Muscle Mass, Strength, and Performance
How Viruses Infect Specific Organs
Research Highlights: Plastic Found in Human Placenta
The Life Cycle of Viruses with Animal Hosts

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