Southwest U.S. Arthropods Facebook Group

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A Facebook group called Southwest U.S. Arthropods is an open group where you can post images, videos, and observations of all arthropods from southwest United States and northwest Mexico. The group is managed by Margarethe Brummermann from Arizona and Robyn Waayers from California. Its main goal is to share understanding and enjoyment of the world of arthropods.

The group encourage sharing of interesting observation, as well as request for identification of arthropods. They are game to tackle myths, superstitions, and urban legends. The group is an attempt to unify the western geographical regions that share habitat and climate characteristics, and thus share similar arthropod fauna. Thus, the range covered will include California (excluding the regions which receive significantly higher rainfall in the north), Arizona, New Mexico, western Texas characterized by xeric habitat, Nevada, Utah, and western Colorado. Colorado observations can also be posted in “Arthropods Colorado” also on Facebook. The group also encourage posting from regions of Mexico (including Sonora and Baja California) which share habitat characteristics with the U.S. regions described above.