Relating Reaction Mechanisms to Rate Laws

OpenStax Chemistry 2e It’s often the case that one step in a multistep reaction mechanism is significantly slower than the others. Because a reaction cannot proceed faster than its slowest step, this step will limit the rate at which the overall reaction occurs. The slowest step is therefore called the rate-limiting step (or rate-determining step) … Continue reading Relating Reaction Mechanisms to Rate Laws

Termolecular Elementary Reactions

Photo by Pixabay on OpenStax Chemistry 2e An elementary termolecular reaction involves the simultaneous collision of three atoms, molecules, or ions. Termolecular elementary reactions are uncommon because the probability of three particles colliding simultaneously is less than one one-thousandth of the probability of two particles colliding. There are, however, a few established termolecular elementary … Continue reading Termolecular Elementary Reactions