alpha cell | definition

endocrine cell of the pancreatic islets that produces the hormone glucagon


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Research Article: MicroRNA Expression in Alpha and Beta Cells of Human Pancreatic Islets

Date Published: January 29, 2013 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Dagmar Klein, Ryosuke Misawa, Valia Bravo-Egana, Nancy Vargas, Samuel Rosero, Julieta Piroso, Hirohito Ichii, Oliver Umland, Jiang Zhijie, Nicholas Tsinoremas, Camillo Ricordi, Luca Inverardi, Juan Domínguez-Bendala, Ricardo L. Pastori, Kathrin Maedler. Abstract: microRNAs (miRNAs) play an important role in pancreatic development and adult β-cell … Continue reading

Research Article: Antibodies against Alpha-Synuclein Reduce Oligomerization in Living Cells

Date Published: October 31, 2011 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Thomas Näsström, Susana Gonçalves, Charlotte Sahlin, Eva Nordström, Valentina Screpanti Sundquist, Lars Lannfelt, Joakim Bergström, Tiago F. Outeiro, Martin Ingelsson, Mick F. Tuite. Abstract: Recent research implicates soluble aggregated forms of α-synuclein as neurotoxic species with a central role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s … Continue reading

Research Article: Involvement of the Clock Gene Rev-erb alpha in the Regulation of Glucagon Secretion in Pancreatic Alpha-Cells

Date Published: July 25, 2013 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Elaine Vieira, Laura Marroquí, Ana Lucia C. Figueroa, Beatriz Merino, Rebeca Fernandez-Ruiz, Angel Nadal, Thomas P. Burris, Ramon Gomis, Ivan Quesada, Miguel López. Abstract: Disruption of pancreatic clock genes impairs pancreatic beta-cell function, leading to the onset of diabetes. Despite the importance of … Continue reading

Research Article: High-fat diet impacts more changes in beta-cell compared to alpha-cell transcriptome

Date Published: March 8, 2019 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Rodolphe Dusaulcy, Sandra Handgraaf, Florian Visentin, Cedric Howald, Emmanouil T. Dermitzakis, Jacques Philippe, Yvan Gosmain, David A. Buchner. Abstract: Characterization of endocrine-cell functions and associated molecular signatures in diabetes is crucial to better understand why and by which mechanisms alpha and beta cells … Continue reading

Research Article: Urocortin 3 Marks Mature Human Primary and Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Pancreatic Alpha and Beta Cells

Date Published: December 14, 2012 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Talitha van der Meulen, Ruiyu Xie, Olivia G. Kelly, Wylie W. Vale, Maike Sander, Mark O. Huising, Rohit Kulkarni. Abstract: The peptide hormone Urocortin 3 (Ucn 3) is abundantly and exclusively expressed in mouse pancreatic beta cells where it regulates insulin secretion. Here we … Continue reading