Common Anatomical Terms for Pre-Nursing and Pre-Medicine Students


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Here is a list of most common anatomical terms that are most likely to be used by pre-nursing and pre-medicine students. Most students encounter these terms in Human Anatomy and Physiology courses.

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– head
– eye
– ear
– cheek
– neck
– chest
– breast
– abdomen
– navel
– chin
– armpit
– arm
– front of elbow
– forearm
– wrist
– palm
– fingers or toes
– thumb
– knee
– leg
– ankle
– great toe
– foot
– thigh
– groin
– pubic
– pelvis
– shoulder
– back
– elbow
– loin
– buttocks
– back of knee
– calf or back of leg
– heel
– sole of foot
– skull
– forehead
– nose
– hand


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