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Pie chart showing the distribution of oncolytic viruses by clinical stage. The majority of studies were phase I (n=49; 51%) or not specified (n-=29; 30%). There were 6 (6%) phase I/II trials, 11 (11%) phase 2 and only two phase 3 clinical trials. Image Source:

About the Company

Immuneering is applying bioinformatics to forge a new approach to drug discovery, develop transformative medicines and help others make the most of their data. For more than a decade, the company have helped leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies be faster and more productive by analyzing data to elucidate mechanisms of action, identify biomarkers of response and find new targets.


The company’s Disease Cancelling Technology is based on the notion that engineering medicines to reverse a disease signal across multiple relevant genes will yield drug candidates with a higher likelihood of success compared to traditional drug discovery methods.


Immuneering has more than a decade of experience providing critical work for major pharmaceutical companies helping them characterize drug mechanisms, identify targets, pinpoint biomarkers and more. Deploying in cloud-based or local environments, Immuneering analyzes clinical, laboratory and biobank data ranging from single-analyte to -omic level transcript, protein, genomics assays. Efficient and reusable code enables diving into biological signal, and the company have spent years understanding how and why successful drugs work.

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