diabetogenic effect | definition

effect of GH that causes blood glucose levels to rise similar to diabetes mellitus


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Research Article: Tacrolimus Induces Insulin Resistance and Increases the Glucose Absorption in the Jejunum: A Potential Mechanism of the Diabetogenic Effects

Date Published: November 23, 2015 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Zhiwei Li, Fei Sun, Yaohui Zhang, Hao Chen, Ningning He, Hui Chen, Penghong Song, Yan Wang, Sheng Yan, Shusen Zheng, Massimo Pietropaolo. http://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0143405 Abstract: The use of the immunosuppressive drug tacrolimus (TAC) is related to new onset diabetes after transplantation. Herein, we examined the … Continue reading