Highlights: New Species of Red Algae Discovered and Revised Taxonomy


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  • A team of researchers has revised the taxonomy of Pyropia.
  • The research team responsible for the revision includes Professor Brodie and her colleagues from Jiangsu Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Jiangsu Provincial Platform for Conservation and Utilization of Agricultural Germplasm, and Natural History Museum.
  • Pyropia is a large genus of red alga which belongs in the family Bangiaceae, and the genus is extremely difficult or impossible to identify.
  • The research led to described a new species and four new genera.
  • They come up with four new genera namely Calidia, Neoporphyra, Neopyropia, and Uedaea, and revived an old genus called Porphyrella.
  • One species was discovered but did not match any known taxa and was added to the new genus Calidia and named Calidia pseudolobata.
  • The researchers also moved Pyropia tenera and Pyropia yezoensis to the genus Neopyropia, and moved Pyropia haitanensis to Neoporphyra.