Microbiology (Browse)

Introduction to Microbiology

Observing the Microscopic World

The Cell

Prokaryotic Diversity

The Eukaryotes of Microbiology

Acellular Pathogens

Microbial Biochemistry

Microbial Metabolism

Microbial Growth

Biochemistry of the Genome

Mechanisms of Microbial Genetics

Modern Applications of Microbial Genetics

Control of Microbial Growth

Antimicrobial Drugs

Microbial Mechanisms of Pathogenicity

Disease and Epidemiology

Innate Nonspecific Host Defenses

Adaptive Specific Host Defenses

Diseases of the Immune System

Laboratory Analysis of the Immune Response

Skin and Eye Infections

Respiratory System Infections

Urogenital System Infections

Digestive System Infections

Circulatory and Lymphatic System Infections

Nervous System Infections