morbidity rate | definition

the number of cases of a disease expressed as a percentage of the population or number per standard part of the population, such as 100,000


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Research Article: Sex- and Age-Related Differences in Morbidity Rates of 2009 Pandemic Influenza A H1N1 Virus of Swine Origin in Japan

Date Published: April 29, 2011 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Nobuoki Eshima, Osamu Tokumaru, Shohei Hara, Kira Bacal, Seigo Korematsu, Minoru Tabata, Shigeru Karukaya, Yoshinori Yasui, Nobuhiko Okabe, Toyojiro Matsuishi, Mathias Lichterfeld. Abstract: The objective of the present study was to determine whether the morbidity rates of the 2009 pandemic influenza A H1N1 virus … Continue reading

Research Article: Drowning Mortality and Morbidity Rates in Children and Adolescents 0-19yrs: A Population-Based Study in Queensland, Australia

Date Published: February 25, 2015 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Belinda A. Wallis, Kerrianne Watt, Richard C. Franklin, James W. Nixon, Roy M. Kimble, Karin Bammann. Abstract: To redress the lack of Queensland population incidence mortality and morbidity data associated with drowning in those aged 0-19yrs, and to understand survival and patient care. … Continue reading

Research Article: Morbidity compression in myocardial infarction 2006 to 2015 in terms of changing rates and age at occurrence: A longitudinal study using claims data from Germany

Date Published: August 23, 2018 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Siegfried Geyer, Sveja Eberhard, Bernhard Magnus W. Schmidt, Jelena Epping, Juliane Tetzlaff, Antonio Palazón-Bru. Abstract: According to James Fries morbidity compression is present if morbidity rates are decreasing to a larger extent than mortality rates. Compression also occurs if age at onset is … Continue reading

Research Article: Morbidity Rate Prediction of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) Using the Support Vector Machine and the Aedes aegypti Infection Rate in Similar Climates and Geographical Areas

Date Published: May 11, 2015 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Kraisak Kesorn, Phatsavee Ongruk, Jakkrawarn Chompoosri, Atchara Phumee, Usavadee Thavara, Apiwat Tawatsin, Padet Siriyasatien, Jiang-Shiou Hwang. Abstract: In the past few decades, several researchers have proposed highly accurate prediction models that have typically relied on climate parameters. However, climate factors can be unreliable … Continue reading

Research Article: Heart rate recovery and morbidity after noncardiac surgery: Planned secondary analysis of two prospective, multi-centre, blinded observational studies

Date Published: August 21, 2019 Publisher: Public Library of Science Author(s): Gareth L. Ackland, Tom E. F. Abbott, Gary Minto, Martin Clark, Thomas Owen, Pradeep Prabhu, Shaun M. May, Joseph A. Reynolds, Brian H. Cuthbertson, Duminda Wijesundera, Rupert M. Pearse, Cesario Bianchi. Abstract: Impaired cardiac vagal function, quantified preoperatively as slower heart rate recovery … Continue reading