Research Article: 1,1′-(Butane-1,4-di­yl)bis­[2-(pyridin-2-yl)-1H-benzimidazole]

Date Published: May 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Shao-Chuan Zhou, Hong-Zhen Xie.


The complete mol­ecule of the title compound, C28H24N6, is generated by inversion symmetry with the inversion centre located at the mid-point of the central C–C bond of the butanediyl unit. The benzimidazole and pyridine rings are almost coplanar, the dihedral angle between their mean planes being 6.86 (11)°.

Partial Text

For the synthesis, see: Liu et al. (2010 ▶). For background to this study, see: Barnett & Champness (2003 ▶); Tong et al. (2009 ▶).