Research Article: 1,10-Bis[2-(prop-1-en­yl)phen­oxy]deca­ne

Date Published: February 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Abel M. Maharramov, Musa R. Bayramov, Gunay M. Mehdiyeva, Shahnaz B. Hoseinzadeh, Bahruz A. Rashidov.


The complete molecule of the title compound, C28H38O2, is generated by a crystallographic centre of symmetry. The molecular conformation displays an intra­molecular C—H⋯π inter­action.

Partial Text

For general background to the synthesis, see: Wadher et al. (2009) ▶. For the use of cross-linked polymers in the synthesis of multifunctional monomers, see: Starvin & Rao (2004) ▶. For their applications as polymeric sorbents and in the preparation of laser composites, see: Kazuya et al. (2000 ▶); Ryusuke & Kazufumi (2001) ▶. For a related structure, see: Bayramov et al. (2011 ▶).