Research Article: 1,2-Diphenyl-2-[4-(4-pyridyl)benzyl­idene­hydrazono]ethan-1-one

Date Published: August 01, 2009

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Goutam Kumar Patra, Seik Weng Ng.


In the title compound, C26H19N3O, the dimethyl­ene hydrazine (—C=N—N=C—) unit is approximately planar, the torsion angle around the N—N bond being 162.2 (6)°. The phenyl and benzoyl­phenyl rings at one end of the hydrazine unit are aligned at angles of 9.5 (5) and 88.5 (4)°, respectively, with respect to the hydrazine unit, whereas the benzene ring at the other end is twisted by an angle of 14.4 (4)°. In the crystal structure, mol­ecules are linked into centrosymmetric dimers by inter­molecular C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds. The monoclinic crystal under investigation shows pseudo-merohedral twinning with twin fractions of 0.63 and 0.37.

Partial Text

For the crystal structures of other carbaldehyde N′-benzoyl-N′-phenyl­hydrazones, see: Abbasi et al. (2007 ▶); Chowdhury et al. (2003 ▶); Liu et al. (2007 ▶); Schweizer et al. (1987 ▶).




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