Research Article: 14-Benzoyl­mesaconine hydro­chloride methanol monosolvate

Date Published: April 01, 2011

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Yan Mu, Lin Li, Hai-Liu Wei, Tong-Chun Kuang, Song-Qing Hu.


The title compound, C31H44N3O10+·Cl−·CH4O, is the methanol solvate of 8-benzo­yloxy-,9,11,11a-tetra­hydroxy-6,10,13-trimeth­oxy-3-meth­oxy­methyl-1-methyl­tetra­deca­hydro-1H-3,6a,12-(epiethane-1,1,2-tri­yl)-7,9-methanona­phtho[2,3-b]azocin-1-ium chloride, the amine-protonated hydro­chloride of 14-benzoyl­mesaconine hydro­chloride. The cation has an aconitine carbon skeleton with four six-membered rings of which three display chair conformations and one a boat conformation, and two five-membered rings with envelope conformations. In the crystal, the components are connected into an infinite chain by inter- and intra­molecular O—H⋯O, N—H⋯O and O—H⋯Cl hydrogen bonds.

Partial Text

For general background to diterpenoid alkaloids, see: Ameri (1998 ▶); Desai et al. (1998 ▶); Suzuki et al. (1994 ▶). For the chemical structure of the title compound established from MS data, see: Zhang et al. (2005 ▶); Wang et al. (2009 ▶); Yue et al. (2009 ▶). For background to the strong toxicity of Aconitum alkaloids, see: Zhang et al. (2002 ▶). For ring numbering and ring conformations of the title compound, see: He et al. (2008 ▶).




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