Research Article: 2-[1-(1-Phenyl­eth­yl)imidazolidin-2-yl­idene]malononitrile

Date Published: April 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Xiao-Wei Liu, Liang-Zhong Xu.


In the title compound, C14H14N4, the imidazolidine moiety is nearly planar, having an N—C—N—C torsion angle of 4.43 (3)°. The crystal structure is characterized by classical N—H⋯N hydrogen bonds, which form inversion dimers.

Partial Text

For the biological activity of compounds containing a 2-(imidazolidin-2-ylidene)malononitrile group, see: Hense et al. (2002 ▶). For a related structure, see: Feng et al. (2008 ▶). For the synthesis of the title compound, see: Jeschke et al. (2002 ▶).