Research Article: 2-(4-Methyl­phen­yl)-5-[({[5-(4-methyl­phen­yl)-1,3,4-thia­diazol-2-yl]sulfan­yl}meth­yl)sulfan­yl]-1,3,4-thia­diazole

Date Published: March 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Yong Wang, Wen-ge Zhang, Yu-bo Wang, Jing-wen Yu, Lin Zhou.


In the title compound, C19H16N4S4, the mol­ecules exhibit a butterfly conformation, where the thia­diazole and attached benzene rings in two wings are almost coplanar, with dihedral angles of 0.8 (3) and 0.9 (3)°, respectively, while the two thia­diazole rings form a dihedral angle of 46.3 (3)°.

Partial Text

For the biological properties of 1,3,4-thia­diazole derivatives, see: Nakagawa et al. (1996 ▶); Wang et al. (1999 ▶); Carvalho et al. (2004 ▶). For the crystal structures of related compounds, see: Li et al. (2011 ▶); Wang et al. (2010 ▶).