Research Article: 2-Amino-5-methyl-6-methyl­sulfanyl-4-phenyl­benzene-1,3-dicarbonitrile

Date Published: February 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Xuan Liu, Jianhong Tang, Yunqiao Huang, Huawei Zhang, Jiarong Li.


The dihedral angle between the planes of the two aromatic rings of the title compound, C16H13N3S, is 56.7 (3)°. The crystal packing is stabilized by inter­molecular N—H⋯N hydrogen bonds, which link the mol­ecules into chains along [11].

Partial Text

For medicinal and biological properities of aromatic o-amino dinitrile derivatives, see Singh et al. (2009 ▶); Goel & Singh (2005 ▶); Pratap & Ramb (2008 ▶). For a related structure, see Singh et al. (2006 ▶).