Research Article: 2-Amino-5-nitro­pyridinium tetraoxido­rhenate(VII) monohydrate

Date Published: August 01, 2009

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): V. H. Rodrigues, M. M. R. R. Costa, T. Dekola, E. de Matos Gomes.


All the residues of the title compound, (C5H6N3O2)[ReO4]·H2O, are located on general crystallographic positions. The 2-amino-5-nitro­pyridinium cation has a typical planar conformation with one of the nitro O atoms −0.058 (5) Å out of plane; the amine H atoms are also a little out of the main ring plane towards the opposite side of the aforementioned O atom [by 0.02 (4) and 0.04 (4) Å]. The perrhenate anion is nearly ideally tetra­hedral. Three distinct N—H⋯O hydrogen bonds give rise to C(8) zigzag chains running along [100]. R44(12) rings involving the two hydrogen bonds in which the water mol­ecules inter­act with the perrhenate anions are also present.

Partial Text

For the structural analyses of related 2-amino-5-nitro­pyridium salts and their potential application as non-linear optical materials, see: Masse & Zyss (1991 ▶); Puig-Molina et al. (1998 ▶); Aakeröy et al. (1998 ▶); Pecaut et al. (1993 ▶).




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