Research Article: (3aR*,6S*,7aR*)-7a-Chloro-6-methyl-2-(4-methyl­phenyl­sulfon­yl)-2,3,3a,6,7,7a-hexa­hydro-3a,6-ep­oxy-1H-isoindole

Date Published: April 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Ersin Temel, Aydın Demircan, Gözde Beyazova, Orhan Büyükgüngör.


In the title compound, C16H18ClNO3S, the six-membered ring has a boat conformation. The two five-membered rings with the bridging O atom adopt envelope conformations, whereas the N-containing five-membered ring adopts a twisted conformation. In the crystal, C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds link the mol­ecules into a three-dimensional network.

Partial Text

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