Research Article: {4-Bromo-2-[(5-chloro-2-oxidophen­yl)imino­methyl]­phenolato-κ3O,N,O′}(methanol-κO)(methano­lato-κO)­oxidovanadium(V)

Date Published: February 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Gholam Hossein Shahverdizadeh, Seik Weng Ng, Edward R. T. Tiekink, Babak Mirtamizdoust.


The title Schiff base complex, [V(C13H7BrClNO2)(CH3O)O(CH3OH)], features a vanadyl group, a tridentate Schiff base ligand, and coordinated methanol and methano­late ligands. The NO5 donor set is based on a distorted octa­hedron. Helical supra­molecular chains along [010] are found in the crystal structure mediated by O—H⋯O hydrogen bonds formed between the coordinating methanol mol­ecule and the phenolate O atom of the chloro­benzene residue.

Partial Text

For the structures of (E)-2-(2-hy­droxy­benzyl­idene­amino)­phenolates containing halide atoms on the aromatic ring(s), see: Yenişehirli et al. (2010 ▶). For related Schiff base vanadyl complexes containing alcohol and alkoxide ligands, see: Hartung et al. (2007 ▶); Clague et al. (1993 ▶). For the crystallization procedure, see: Harrowfield et al. (1996 ▶).