Research Article: Ammonium O,O′-diethyl dithio­phosphate

Date Published: July 01, 2011

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Andrzej Okuniewski, Barbara Becker.


In the title compound, NH4+·(C2H5O)2PS2−, the ammonium cation is connected by four charge-assisted N—H⋯S hydrogen bonds to four tetra­hedral O,O′-diethyl dithio­phosphate anions, forming layers parallel to (100). The polar and non-polar constituents of the layers are stacked alternately along [100]. Inter­lacing of the external ethyl groups through van der Waals inter­actions combines these layers into a three-dimensional structure.

Partial Text

For related structures, see: Chekhlov et al. (1991 ▶); Chekhlov (2000 ▶). For applications of O,O′-diethyl dithio­phosphate in coordination chemistry, see: Cotero-Villegas et al. (2011 ▶). For the determination of various ions in analytical chemistry using O,O′-diethyl dithio­phosphates, see: Carletto et al. (2009 ▶); Maltez et al. (2008 ▶); Pozebon et al. (1998 ▶); Wu et al. (2006 ▶). For a description of the Cambridge Structural Database, see: Allen (2002 ▶).




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