Research Article: Chlorido(1H-imidazole-κN3)bis­(triphenyl­phosphane-κP)copper(I)

Date Published: June 01, 2011

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Moayad Hossaini Sadr, Reza Kia, Behzad Soltani.


In the title complex, [CuCl(C3H4N2)(C18H15P)2], the coordination geometry around CuI is distorted tetra­hedral formed by two triphenyl­phosphane ligands, an imidazole ligand and a chloride group. An intra­molecular C—H⋯Cl inter­action occurs. The crystal packing is stabilized by inter­molecular N—H⋯Cl hydrogen bonds, which form an extended chain parallel to [010].

Partial Text

For standard bond lengths, see: Allen et al. (1987 ▶). For background to the use of imidazole-derived ligands in coordination chemistry, see, for example: Trofimenko (1993 ▶); Sadimenko & Basson (1996 ▶); Pettinari (2001 ▶); Hossaini Sadr et al. (2005 ▶); Kitajima (1992 ▶); Kitajima et al. (1989 ▶).




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