Research Article: Development and validation of a modified Korean version of the Pharmacy Services Questionnaire (PSQ-K) for the quality assessment of community pharmacy services

Date Published: April 25, 2017

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): Kyung Im Kim, Hae Sun Suh, Arim Kwak, Siin Kim, Nayoung Han, Euni Lee, Jung Mi Oh, Terence J Quinn.


Patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures and validated instruments have become integral in assessing the quality of healthcare delivery, including pharmaceutical care services. The Pharmacy Services Questionnaire (PSQ) measures patient satisfaction with pharmaceutical care. In this study, we developed a modified Korean version of the PSQ (PSQ-K) and evaluated its validity and reliability. The PSQ-K was developed using a strict translation and cultural-adaptation procedure. A validation study was performed in six community pharmacies in Korea. A total of 300 respondents completed three questionnaires (a brief questionnaire for social demographics and clinical characteristics, the PSQ-K, and the 5-level EuroQoL Group’s 5-dimension [EQ-5D-5L]). Standard validity and reliability analyses were performed. The internal consistency of the PSQ-K was high for all scales (Cronbach’s α > 0.9). The PSQ-K indicated good discriminant and divergent validity. Known-group comparisons revealed that the PSQ-K was able to distinguish between respondents differing in socio-demographic characteristics, such as gender, level of education, and household income. In conclusion, the PSQ-K is a highly reliable and valid PRO instrument for assessing the level of satisfaction with community pharmacy services.

Partial Text

Reports that come directly from patients regarding the status of their health and quality of life, i.e., patient-reported outcomes (PRO), have been considered as a critical outcome for the assessment of the quality of healthcare [1, 2]. In addition, patient satisfaction can serve as an ultimate outcome indicating quality of healthcare services and has been an essential part of quality assessment [1, 3]. A standardized PRO instrument for patient satisfaction and healthcare providers has addressed patients’ satisfaction regarding pain management and communication about medicines, which are important services provided by pharmacists [4].

Pharmaceutical care is a patient-centered professional practice that involves the responsible provision of pharmacotherapy for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes related to the improvement of patients’ health and quality of life [17, 18]. Therefore, PRO measurements and validated instruments have become integral parts in assessing quality of pharmaceutical care services.




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