Research Article: Di-μ-chlorido-bis­[aqua­chloridodimethyl­tin(IV)]–1,4,7,10,13-penta­oxacyclo­penta­decane (1/1)

Date Published: April 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Mostafa M. Amini, Seik Weng Ng.


The Sn, Cl and water O atoms of the title compound, [Sn2(CH3)4Cl4(H2O)2]·C10H20O5, lie on a special position of 2 site symmetry. The SnIV atom shows cis-C2SnCl2O trigonal–bipyramidal coordination [C—Sn—C = 157.0 (1)°]; however, two [Me2SnCl2(H2O)] units are linked by a tin–chlorine bridge [Sn←Cl = 3.247 (1) Å] across a center of inversion, generating a dinuclear species, so that the geometry is better regarded as a mer-C2SnCl3O octa­hedron. The crown ether inter­acts through O—H⋯O hydrogen with the metal atom through the coordinated water mol­ecules in an outer-sphere manner, generating a hydrogen-bonded chain running along [101]. The 15-crown-5 mol­ecule is disordered over the 2/m site.

Partial Text

For [Me2SnCl2(H2O)2]·15-crown-5, see: Amini et al. (1994 ▶); Yap et al. (1996 ▶).