Research Article: Dilead(II) hydrogen­phosphite dinitrate

Date Published: May 01, 2009

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Rachid Ouarsal, Mohammed Lachkar, Michal Dušek, Karla Fejfarová, Brahim El Bali.


In the title compound, Pb2(HPO3)(NO3)2, the two distinct Pb2+ ions (both with site symmetry m) adopt irregular PbO10 coordination polyhedra. The structure is completed by two distinct nitrate groups (in which one O atom and the N atom have m site symmetry for both ions) and an HPO32− anion (in which one O atom and the P and H atoms have m site symmetry). The connectivity of the PbO10, NO3 and HPO3 units in the crystal structure results in a three-dimensional network.

Partial Text

For related structures, see: Ouarsal et al. (2005a ▶,b ▶); Vasić et al. (1981 ▶). For bond-valence sum calculations, see: Brown & Altermatt (1985 ▶).




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