Research Article: Docbate: A National Medical Student Debate

Date Published: March 17, 2017

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Author(s): Roxanne C Keynejad, Sivahamy Creed, Matthew Fernando, David Bell, David Codling, George Crowther, Judith R Harrison, Saba Jaleel, Kimberley Kendall, Lauren Megahey, Edward Noble, Claire O’Donnell, Felicity Pilcher, Tara Walker, David McLaughlan.


Partial Text

One hundred and sixty-three people attended docbate; 93 questionnaires were completed by medical students across six sites, of whom 57 (61%) were female. The audience ranged in age from 18 to 52 years, with a mean age of 26 years and 3 months.

This pilot debating event reached a range of stakeholders, including the general public, service users, students, and doctors. The cost of the event was relatively modest and Docbate expanded its reach through social media. Fifty-seven percent of attendees completed questionnaires but it is unclear how many of the remaining 43% were medical students. The debate, panel, interactive discussion, and live tweeting were positively received and Docbate was rated highly by attendees. Suggested improvements included better publicity for Docbate, timing to accommodate examinations, and a clearer and narrower motion. Respondents rated a number of aspects of Docbate positively, making it difficult to determine whether the debate, panel discussion, social media use, or a combination had the greatest impact. It is also likely that the event attracted a subset of students with a prior interest in psychiatry.




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