Research Article: Drug Companies Should Be Held More Accountable for Their Human Rights Responsibilities

Date Published: September 28, 2010

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): unknown

Abstract: The PLoS Medicine Editors argue that drug companies should be held more accountable for their human rights responsibilities.

Partial Text: Almost ten years ago, activism and public protest resulted in a landmark victory for the access to medicines movement, when 39 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies dropped their collective lawsuit against the South African government for attempting to legalize the importation of cheaper generic versions of drugs [1]. Following a settlement, medication prices—including those for antiretrovirals to treat the millions of South Africans with HIV/AIDS—dropped, and public pressure on the pharmaceutical industry was hailed a success [2]. A decade later it’s time again for action—to hold drug companies accountable for their human rights responsibilities to make medicines available and accessible to those in need.



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