Research Article: Evolutionary History of a Gene Controlling Brain Size

Date Published: May 23, 2004

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): unknown

Abstract: None

Partial Text: Biologists have long known that the African great apes (including the chimpanzee, bonobo, and gorilla) are our closest relatives, evolutionarily speaking. The recent release of the chimp draft genome sequence confirms this relationship at the nucleotide level, showing that human and chimp DNA is roughly 99% identical. Given the genetic similarity between human and nonhuman primates, the next big challenge is to identify those changes in the human genotype (the genetic complement of an organism) that generated the complex phenotype (the physical manifestation of gene expression) that distinguishes humans from the great apes. For example, modern humans have larger brains and a larger cerebral cortex than both nonhuman primates and their forebears, the early hominids. Elucidating the molecular mechanisms that account for this expansion will provide insight into brain evolution.



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