Research Article: Exploring the effects of COLOSTRONONI on the mammalian gut microbiota composition

Date Published: May 31, 2019

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): Sabrina Duranti, Leonardo Mancabelli, Walter Mancino, Rosaria Anzalone, Giulia Longhi, Rosario Statello, Luca Carnevali, Andrea Sgoifo, Sergio Bernasconi, Francesca Turroni, Marco Ventura, Hauke Smidt.


COLOSTRONONI is a dietary supplement consisting of bovine colostrum and Morinda citrifolia fruit (Noni). In this study, we tested the capability of COLOSTRONONI to influence gut microbiota composition using an in vivo evaluation in rats. Furthermore, we analyzed the effect of COLOSTRONONI on the systemic inflammatory responses as well as on the gut permeability of the animals. Altogether, our analyses supported the concept of COLOSTRONONI as a natural food supplement that doesn’t affect (neither negatively nor positively) gut microbiota homeostasis in healthy conditions. Moreover, COLOSTRONONI highlighted a lower effect in the expression of genes coding for IL-10, Il-12 and TNF-α response allowing us to hypothesize an immunomodulatory activity of this dietary supplement.

Partial Text

COLOSTRONONI is a new dietary supplement consisting of bovine colostrum and Morinda citrifolia fruit (Noni) [1]. Several scientific evidences suggested that bovine colostrum and noni fruit exert regulatory effects which prevent intestinal inflammation conditions and, consequently, are able to reduce the develop of inflammatory-based chronic systemic diseases [1].

The evaluation of the potential dietary supplement features of COLOSTRONONI under in vivo conditions revealed the ability of this dietary supplement to preserve the gut microbiota climax as well as its influences on the mammalian host innate immunity. Furthermore, the COLOSTRONONI treatment provoked a slight increase of the genus Akkermansia. Interestingly, A. muciniphila is an intestinal bacterium, which has been proposed as a novel health-promoting bacterial species due to its immunomodulatory properties.