Research Article: Knowledge gaps of STIs in Africa; Systematic review

Date Published: September 12, 2019

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): Marwan M. Badawi, Maryam A. SalahEldin, Alaa B. Idris, Elfatih A. Hasabo, Zeinab H. Osman, Widad M. Osman, Jayanta Bhattacharya.


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are ambiguous burden of tremendous health, social and economic consequences. The current systematic review was conducted in order to determine awareness and knowledge of Africans toward sexually transmitted infections, not only concerning HIV/AIDS, but also other STIs such as gonorrhea, syphilis, HBV, HCV and HPV. A systematic review of literature was conducted, studies were retrieved and selected after fulfilling the inclusion criteria as well as passing the assessment procedure. Related data was extracted, quantitative analysis was conducted among participants who responded to questions related to HIV, HBV, HCV, HPV or STIs knowledge, sensitivity analysis as well as subgroup analysis were also conducted. Seventy four articles addressing knowledge among 35 African countries were included and 136 questions were analyzed and synthesized. The question “does using condom reduces HIV transmission?” was answered by 1,316,873 Africans in 35 countries, 66.8% [95% Cl; 62.6, 70.9] answered yes. While the question “is sexual contact a possible route of HBV transmission?” was answered by 7,490 participants in 5 countries; 42.5% [95% Cl; 20.4, 64.7] answered yes. The differences observed among populations are highlighting the possibility for improvement by directing light toward specific populations as well as addressing specific awareness knowledge to ensure that the general as well as the related specific preventive knowledge is improved.

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Sexually transmitted Infections (STIs) are ambiguous burden of tremendous health, social and economic consequences. Many STIs are hidden because many people may feel stigmatized when addressing them. Moreover, the committee on prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases in USA estimated that the annual costs of selected major STDs are approximately $10 billion or, if sexually transmitted HIV is included, $17 billion [1].

The current study was the first of its kind—to our knowledge, as not general assessment of knowledge is studied, but the specific awareness determinants. The presented outcomes are believed to be the best inputs for organizing effective preventive measures,planning and conducting awareness raising campaignsas well as identifying potential research gaps.




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