Research Article: Liquisolid System and Liqui-Mass System Are Not the Same

Date Published: March 16, 2020

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Author(s): Matthew Lam, Taravat Ghafourian, Ali Nokhodchi.


This commentary is written in response to Pezzini’s research group commentary, which claimed Liqui-Pellet and liquisolid pellet are not different. Despite some similarities, there are crucial differences separating these two technologies. Liqui-Pellet uses liqui-mass system (wet mass/paste admixture), and liquisolid pellet uses liquisolid system (flowable powder admixture). The understanding of the well-defined term ‘liquisolid system’ is crucial to understand what is and is not liquisolid formulation. Spireas, who is the inventor of liquisolid technology, clearly defined liquisolid system in his patent document and publications. Since his first publication in 1998, there are around 200 articles about liquisolid formulations (extracted from Scopus), and with no exception, every single one of them followed the original definition of liquisolid system. Liqui-Pellet does not use liquisolid system and so calling it the same as liquisolid pellet, which uses liquisolid system, is incorrect and misleading. The purpose of this commentary is to resolve misunderstanding and support furthering knowledge.

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