Research Article: Multicolor Fluorescent Intravital Live Microscopy (FILM) for Surgical Tumor Resection in a Mouse Xenograft Model

Date Published: November 30, 2009

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): Greg M. Thurber, Jose L. Figueiredo, Ralph Weissleder, Giuseppe Chirico.

Abstract: Complete surgical resection of neoplasia remains one of the most efficient tumor therapies. However, malignant cell clusters are often left behind during surgery due to the inability to visualize and differentiate them against host tissue. Here we establish the feasibility of multicolor fluorescent intravital live microscopy (FILM) where multiple cellular and/or unique tissue compartments are stained simultaneously and imaged in real time.

Partial Text: Diagnostic decisions today are primarily based on molecular markers, and there is continuous research and development of new biomarkers that diagnose diseases more specifically, at an earlier stage, and more rapidly[1]. In the case of cancer, complete surgical resection of neoplasia remains one of the most efficient therapies while postsurgical minimal residual disease has a negative effect on long-term outcome[2]. In parallel, significant advances in microscopy[3] are being applied to continuously improve resolution at the subcellular level. One of the most exciting applications of these advancements is to apply cellular resolution imaging to in vivo settings to better understand biology in its correct context (e.g. “intravital microscopy”[4], [5]) or for clinical applications (e.g. “intraoperative imaging”[6]–[8]).

Fluorescence imaging is expected to become a powerful adjunct to traditional surgical oncologic therapies. To become a reality, several technological advances and proof-of-principle studies are necessary. These include instrumentation and visualization techniques[8], imaging probes for human use[32], and preclinical efficacy testing in different models. Several of these questions were addressed in these experiments through the development of multicolor FILM.



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