Research Article: N-{3-[2-(4-Fluoro­phen­oxy)eth­yl]-2,4-dioxo-1,3-diaza­spiro­[4.5]decan-7-yl}-4-methyl­benzamide

Date Published: June 01, 2011

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): M. Vinduvahini, Binoy Krishna Saha, Mahalakhmi, H. D. Revanasiddappa, H. C. Devarajegowda.


In the title compound, C24H26FN3O4, the two aromatic rings form a dihedral angle of 88.81 (15)°. The cyclo­hexane ring adopts a chair conformation and the five-membered ring is essentially planar, with a maximum deviation from planarity of 0.041 (2) Å. The crystal structure displays inter­molecular C—H⋯O and N—H⋯O hydrogen bonds.

Partial Text

For the biological activity of related compounds, see: Cartwright et al. (2007 ▶); Collins (2000 ▶); Warshakoon et al. (2006 ▶). For the pharmaceutical activity of related compounds, see: Kiselyov et al. (2006 ▶); Sakthivel & Cook (2005 ▶); Eldrup et al. (2004 ▶); Bamford et al. (2005 ▶); Puerstinger et al. (2006 ▶). For reference bond-length data, see: Allen et al. (1987 ▶).




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