Research Article: N-(4-Isocyano­phen­yl)succinamic acid

Date Published: July 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Lauren E. Burnham, Katrina J. Gano, Amber M. Young, John M. Risley, Daniel S. Jones.


In the crystal structure of the title compound, C11H10N2O3, inversion-related mol­ecules are connected by pairs of O—H⋯O hydrogen bonds. With the exception of the atoms in the carb­oxy­lic acid group, the non-H atoms are roughly coplanar with a maximum deviation from the mean plane of 0.270 (1) Å for the C atom to which the carb­oxy­lic group is attached. The C atom of the carb­oxy­lic group lies 1.730 (2) Å from the mean plane.

Partial Text

For the structure of 4-isocyano­aniline see: Britton (1993 ▶). For details of the enzyme-catalysed reaction, see: Risley et al. (2001 ▶); Du & Risley (2003 ▶). For the synthetic procedures, see: Heinze & Jacob (2003 ▶); Kar & Argade (2002 ▶).




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