Research Article: N-(Phenyl­sulfon­yl)acetamide

Date Published: June 01, 2010

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): B. Thimme Gowda, Sabine Foro, P. G. Nirmala, Hartmut Fuess.


In the title compound, C8H9NO3S, the N—H bond is in an anti­periplanar conformation with respect to the C=O bond. The crystal packing is stabilized by N—H⋯O hydrogen bonds, generating C(4) chains propagating in [001].

Partial Text

Sulfonamide drugs contain the sulfanilamide moiety, see: Maren (1976 ▶). The propensity for hydrogen bonding in the solid state, due to the presence of various hydrogen bond donors and acceptors, can give rise to polymorphism, see: Yang & Guillory (1972 ▶). For the hydrogen-bonding preferences of sulfonamides, see: Adsmond & Grant (2001 ▶). For related structures, see: Gowda et al. (2008a ▶,b ▶, 2009 ▶).




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