Research Article: Natural Ventilation for Prevention of Airborne Contagion: Authors’ Reply

Date Published: May 29, 2007

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): Adrian Roderick Escombe, David A. J Moore, Jon S Friedland, Carlton A Evans, Robert H Gilman

Abstract: None

Partial Text: We would like to thank the correspondents for their thoughtful contributions to this important public health topic [1]. As our abstract and article state, we measured natural and mechanical ventilation and then calculated the effects of these ventilation rates on estimated tuberculosis (TB) infection rates using a mathematical model of airborne infection. This appears to be the first published assessment of natural ventilation rates in health-care settings, and the novel conclusions of our article are that extremely high rates of dilutional ventilation can be achieved through natural ventilation at very little cost by simply opening windows and doors. Indeed, this natural ventilation was far in excess of even the best maintained mechanical ventilation systems used in health-care settings. Importantly, this natural ventilation greatly reduced the calculated risk of airborne infection.



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