Research Article: Next Stop, Don’t Block the Doors: Opening Up Access to Clinical Trials Results

Date Published: July 15, 2008

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): unknown

Abstract: The PLoS Medicine Editors discuss the requirements in the 2007 Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act for reporting of clinical trials results, and the role of journals.

Partial Text: 2008 has been a good year for access to research. Effective New Year’s Day, both the Canadian Institutes of Health Research [1] and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute [2] require publicly accessible archiving of papers published by their grantees. Also in January, the European Research Council announced its European Union–wide open-access mandate [3]. In February, the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted to give the University a worldwide license to exercise copyright in each faculty member’s scholarly articles for the purpose of making these articles freely available [4]; Harvard Law School committed to mandatory free access in May [5]. In March, the European University Association endorsed open-access repositories [6], and in April the United States National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy [7] took effect, bringing America’s leading sponsor of biomedical research into the impressive circle of agencies that require archiving of papers resulting from the research they fund. Judging by the ever-increasing number of submissions to PLoS journals, authors appear to be voting with their manuscripts for open access to research.



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