Research Article: N,N′-Dibenzyl-N,N′-dimethyl-N′′-(methyl­sulfon­yl)phospho­ric triamide

Date Published: June 01, 2011

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Mehrdad Pourayoubi, Sepideh Sadeghi Seraji, Giuseppe Bruno, Hadi Amiri Rudbari.


In the title compound, C17H24N3O3PS, the P and the S atoms are each in a distorted tetra­hedral environment and the N atoms display sp2 character. The phosphoryl group and the NH unit are anti with respect to one another. The dihedral angle between the mean planes of the benzene rings is 31.08 (8)°. The crystal packing is stabilized by N—H⋯O hydrogen bonds, forming an extended chain parallel to the b axis.

Partial Text

For phospho­ramidates having a P(O)[N(CH3)(CH2C6H5)]2 moiety, see: Pourayoubi et al. (2010 ▶); Gholivand et al. (2005 ▶). For bond lengths in a sulfonamide compound, see: Ibrahim et al. (2011 ▶) and references cited therein.




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