Research Article: Patents on hospital medical and dental equipment (EMHO). Question and answer tool1

Date Published: February 14, 2019

Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em

Author(s): Elisiane Kiel Lee, Lydia Masako Ferreira, Elaine Kawano Horibe.


To create a question and answer tool on patents on EMHO.

Was used the Thinking Design methodology divided into four phases:
Discovery, Definition, Development and Delivery. Discovery Phase: Desk
research was carried out in: SciELO, Pubmed, LILACS, Google and Google
Scholar. Once the target audience was selected, the interviews were
conducted. Definition Phase: the interviewees’ difficulties were mapped, on
an Excel spreadsheet. Development Phase: a brainstorming was conducted with
the public interviewed. Delivery Phase: the prototype, validation and final
elaboration of the tool were made.

Discovery Phase: 10 inventors were identified and the interviews were
carried out. Definition Phase: 80% of the interviewees determined lack of
information as one of the problems. The main content was defined as: the
patent process, from the beginning of the idea to the deposit (70%), search
for precedence (40%) and informing partners (30%). Development Phase: with
the brainstorming, the tool type was defined as an interactive site.
Delivery Phase: a prototype with content framework and an interactive video
was presented for validation. After approval, the interactive website was
developed, which was made available to the public.

A question and answer tool on patents in EMHO was developed.

Partial Text

Intellectual Property (IP) is the area of law that seeks to protect the creations of
the human mind. It is a legal construction that comes from the right of ownership,
to give exclusivity of use to the market of the intellectually-created assets1. IP is divided into three parts: Copyright, Industrial Property and
Sui Generis Protection2.

This study is prospective and was developed in the Department of Science, Technology
and Management Applied to Tissue Regeneration, UNIFESP. It was approved by the
Research Ethics Committee (CEP), at Plataforma Brasil under number

From the Desk Research in the databases, papers were found for this research, which
reported on patent issues, EMHO, innovations and invention descriptions. In search
sites, booklets were found, as well as sites and papers on patents and EMHO.

The innovation system in the Brazilian health industry, especially regarding EMHO,
is immature, because there is no connection between scientific and technological
productions and patents15. There is no effective interaction among universities, companies and
governmental bodies, even though it is fundamental to invest in R&D16.

With this work, it was possible to develop a question and answer tool in patents in




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