Research Article: Photosensitive and Flexible Organic Field‐Effect Transistors Based on Interface Trapping Effect and Their Application in 2D Imaging Array

Date Published: February 26, 2016

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Inc.

Author(s): Yingli Chu, Xiaohan Wu, Jingjing Lu, Dapeng Liu, Juan Du, Guoqian Zhang, Jia Huang.


Flexible organic phototransistors are fabricated using polylactide (PLA), a polar bio­material, as the dielectric material. The charge trapping effect induced by the polar groups of the PLA layer leads to a photosensitivity close to ≈104. The excellent performance of this new device design is further demonstrated by incorporating the photo­transistors into a sensor array to successfully image a star pattern.

Partial Text

Materials: Polylactide was purchased from Natureworks Company and then recrystallized by ethyl acetate. FOTS were purchased from Sigma‐Aldrich. Organic semiconductor DNTT was synthesized according to literature reported previously, followed by vacuum sublimation purification.41