Research Article: Relationship between the Pathogenic Representatives of Periodontal Pockets Microbiocenosis in Patients with Periodontitis with Varying Degrees of Severity

Date Published: , 2011

Publisher: A.I. Gordeyev

Author(s): O.A. Zorina, A.A. Kulakov, O.A. Boriskina, D.V. Rebrikov.



Periodontitis is a common disease that is considered to be a manifestation of the distortion of the ratio between the normal and conditionally pathogenic microflora of periodontal pockets. In this study, the ratio between the six most important periodontal pathogens and the total microflora of the periodontal pocket in healthy individuals and patients with varying severity of periodontitis was ascertained by quantitative real-time PCR. It was ascertained that the relative content ofPorphyromonas gingivalis,Prevotella intermedia, andTannerella forsythensis(Bacteroides forsythus) persistently develops in the total microflora of the periodontal pocket upon progressing periodontitis; this value is higher than that in the control group by more than two orders of magnitude upon a severe degree of chronic generalized periodontitis.

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In terms of the composition of microorganisms, the oral cavity is one of the most sophisticated ecosystems of the human organism. Saliva, gingival fluid, periodontal pocket, biofilm, and a number of other habitats contain approximately 700 different types of microorganisms [1, 2], which can be divided conditionally into three large groups: 1) normoflora, 2) conditionally pathogenic, and 3) pathogenic microorganisms [3].

The study was carried out in the Periodonthology Department of the Central Research Institute of Dentistry and Oral Surgery (Russia). A total of 104 individuals aged 18–65 without severe somatic pathology were examined.

The sample to be analyzed was divided into four groups depending on disease severity: 1) healthy control ( n = 30); 2) mild degree of CGP ( n = 10); 3) moderate degree of CGP ( n = 29); and 4) severe degree of CGP ( n = 35); where n is the number of individuals in a group.