Research Article: Reports on the Prevalence of Clinical Conditions Are More Convincing When Supported by Objective Evidence

Date Published: September 24, 2008

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): Julius Schachter, Robin Bailey, Chandler R. Dawson, Thomas M. Lietman, Albert I. Ko

Abstract: None

Partial Text: The accompanying research report by King and colleagues [1] describes a trachoma survey performed in Ayod County, southern Sudan. They performed a cross-sectional two-stage cluster survey of trachoma status in November 2006 and found levels of disease that rival those in the most hyper-endemic areas: 88% of children between ages 1 and 9 years had clinically active trachoma and the children were actually starting to show trichiasis (approximately 3%). In those over 14 years of age, 59% had clinically active trachoma, 14.6% had trichiasis, and 6.4% had corneal opacity. Trachoma was present in virtually all households; 98% had at least one person having active trachoma, and one-third of households had individuals with trichiasis.



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