Research Article: Reviewing the Literature for Epidemiological Trends of Dengue Disease: Introduction to a Series of Seven National Systematic Literature Reviews

Date Published: November 6, 2014

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): Maïna L’Azou, Jeremy Brett, Grenville Marsh, Elsa Sarti, Olaf Horstick.

Abstract: None

Partial Text: There is no licenced vaccine against dengue, but several candidates are in development, one of which is in the final stages of clinical evaluation [1]. Once a vaccine is licensed, having the appropriate surveillance system in the field will contribute to the successful implementation of vaccination programs by providing an accurate picture of the disease epidemiology to help document the impact of vaccination. Gaps in the current data, dengue surveillance, and epidemiological research need to be identified and addressed now. Furthermore, in view of the WHO 2020 targets for dengue to reduce morbidity by 25% and mortality by 50%, a snapshot of dengue epidemiology prior to the introduction of enhanced surveillance practices or the implementation of a vaccine and other dengue control measures is needed [2].



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