Research Article: Single-crystal structure determination of two new ternary bis­muthides: Rh6Mn5Bi18 and RhMnBi3

Date Published: July 01, 2018

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Peter Kainzbauer, Klaus W. Richter, Herta Silvia Effenberger, Martin C. J. Marker, Herbert Ipser.


A study of the ternary Rh–Mn–Bi phase diagram revealed the existence of two new ternary bis­muthides, viz. hexa­rhodium penta­manganese octadecabismuthide (Rh6Mn5Bi18) and rhodium manganese tribismuthide (RhMnBi3). Their crystal structures represent new structure types.

Partial Text

For decades, there has been an ongoing search for ferromagnetic materials free of rare earth elements. One promising candidate is the inter­metallic phase α-BiMn; unfortunately, it has not been possible to synthesize this phase as a single-phase bulk material in spite of intensive research (e.g. Liu et al., 2004 ▸; Rama Rao et al., 2013 ▸; Cui et al., 2014 ▸; Chen et al., 2015 ▸; Marker et al., 2018 ▸). A possible approach to circumvent these problems was considered to be the addition of a third com­ponent, e.g. Rh, which forms an inter­metallic phase with Bi that is isotypic with α-BiMn (Ross & Hume-Rothery, 1962 ▸; Kainzbauer et al., 2018 ▸).

As mentioned above, only a few pnictides are known with Rh and a second 3d transition metal as constituents (Street et al., 1974 ▸; Szytula et al., 1981 ▸; Huang et al., 2015 ▸). The title phases are probably also the only reported ternary bis­muthides containing a platinum group element and Mn, which adopt new structure types.




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