Research Article: syn-5,10,15-Tris(dichloro­meth­yl)-5,10,15-trihy­droxy-5H-diindeno­[1,2-a:1′,2′-c]fluorene dichloro­methane 0.82-solvate

Date Published: June 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Gregory W. Morrison, Frank R. Fronczek, Steven F. Watkins.


The title compound, C30H18Cl6O3·0.82CH2Cl2, consists of a slightly cup-shaped seven-ring truxene nucleus with hy­droxy and dichloro­methyl substituents at stereocenters 5R/S, 10R/S and 15R/S. C—Cl distances are in the range 1.759 (4)–1.783 (3) Å. Solvent channels parallel to the b axis appear to be partially occupied by highly disordered dichloro­methane solvent mol­ecules, the contribution of which were removed from the refinement with the SQUEEZE procedure in PLATON [Spek (2009 ▶). Acta Cryst. D65, 148–155]. Only one of the OH groups forms a hydrogen bond, which is inter­molecular to another OH group, forming centrosymmetric dimers in the crystal.

Partial Text

For further details of the synthesis and information on the synthesis of buckybowls, see: Abdourazak et al. (1995 ▶). For applications of truxenes, see: Diring & Ziessel (2009 ▶). Similar structures have been reported by De Frutos et al. (1999 ▶); Amsharov & Jansen (2007 ▶) and Menard et al. (2011 ▶).




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