Research Article: The Dawn of Lead‐Free Perovskite Solar Cell: Highly Stable Double Perovskite Cs2AgBiBr6 Film

Date Published: December 18, 2017

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Inc.

Author(s): Cuncun Wu, Qiaohui Zhang, Yang Liu, Wei Luo, Xuan Guo, Ziru Huang, Hungkit Ting, Weihai Sun, Xinrui Zhong, Shiyuan Wei, Shufeng Wang, Zhijian Chen, Lixin Xiao.


Recently, lead‐free double perovskites have emerged as a promising environmentally friendly photovoltaic material for their intrinsic thermodynamic stability, appropriate bandgaps, small carrier effective masses, and low exciton binding energies. However, currently no solar cell based on these double perovskites has been reported, due to the challenge in film processing. Herein, a first lead‐free double perovskite planar heterojunction solar cell with a high quality Cs2AgBiBr6 film, fabricated by low‐pressure assisted solution processing under ambient conditions, is reported. The device presents a best power conversion efficiency of 1.44%. The preliminary efficiency and the high stability under ambient condition without encapsulation, together with the high film quality with simple processing, demonstrate promise for lead‐free perovskite solar cells.

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Materials: SnO2 colloid precursor (tin (IV) oxide, 15% in H2O colloidal dispersion), anhydrous DMSO, BiBr3 (99%), 1,2‐dichlorobenzene were purchased from Alfa Aesar. CsBr (99.9%) and AgBr (99.99%) were purchased from Xi’an Polymer Light Technology Corp. (PLT) and Aladdin, respectively. P3HT was purchased from Rieke Metals. All these commercially available materials were used as received without any further purification.

The authors declare no conflict of interest.




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