Research Article: The Fogarty International Center is Essential to Global Health Security

Date Published: September 07, 2017

Publisher: The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Author(s): John Edward Porter.


Partial Text

The value of the Fogarty Center’s contributions to our health and national security cannot be overstated. Even as new cases of Ebola are being reported in Africa, Fogarty researchers are on the front lines, strengthening scientific expertise at institutions in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone to respond rapidly to the threat, while partnering with scientists in those countries on research training programs to implement therapeutic and vaccine trials. In 2014, the United States’ response to Ebola in West Africa required more than $1 billion to contain the epidemic. It could have been worse, but thanks in large measure to Fogarty-trained scientists, Mali and Senegal were able to respond quickly and effectively because they had the scientific infrastructure in place to prevent the spread of the disease and contain the outbreak.

Fogarty does not only support research efforts globally; Americans benefit significantly from the Center’s work. In today’s interconnected world, diseases cross borders rapidly, putting the health and safety of millions of Americans at risk every day. About 80% of Fogarty funding supports U.S. institutions, including the salaries of U.S. scientists and other costs, and 100% of Fogarty’s grants involve U.S. researchers. Funding supports research and training programs in a number of areas such as infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, brain disorders, trauma and injury, and Alzheimer’s disease.




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