Research Article: The Organization in Micro-Loops of an Extended Fragment of Chicken Chromosome 14, Including the Alpha Globin Gene Cluster in the Erythroid Cells

Date Published: April , 2009

Publisher: A.I. Gordeyev

Author(s): E.S. Philonenko, A.A. Gavrilov, S.V. Ravin, O.V. Iarovaia.



It has been shown that the activation of tissue-specific gene transcription during the course of cell differentiation is associated with a spatial reorganization of the genomic domains harboring those specific genes. This reorganization consists of the relocation to the nuclear matrix of the whole genomic domain containing one or more of the genes being transcribed. However, it remains unclear whether, during this process, extended areas of the genome also become attached to the nuclear matrix. We studied the genome´s pattern of interaction with the nuclear matrix in both erythroid and non-erythroid cells of chickens, using a 220Kb region of chromosome #14, which contains the alpha-globin gene cluster and some surrounding house-keeping genes. The results show that in erythroid cells, the fragment of the genome containing the alpha-globin gene domain became spatially arranged into micro-loops which could not be detected by mapping experiments.

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