Research Article: Tris(3-chloro­pentane-2,4-dionato-κ2O,O′)aluminium

Date Published: June 01, 2012

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

Author(s): Franc Perdih.


In the title compound, [Al(C5H6ClO2)3], the AlIII cation is situated on a twofold rotation axis and is coordinated by six O atoms from three 3-chloro­pentane-2,4-dionate ligands in an octa­hedral environment. Al—O bond lengths are in the range 1.8741 (14)–1.8772 (14) Å. In the crystal, mol­ecules are linked via C—H⋯Cl contacts.

Partial Text

For applications of metal complexes with β-diketonate ligands, see: Bray et al. (2007 ▶); Garibay et al. (2009 ▶); Lichtenberger et al. (2010 ▶); Perdih (2011 ▶); Vreshch et al. (2004 ▶); Wu & Wang (2009 ▶). For related structures, see: Hon & Pfluger (1973 ▶); Perdih (2012 ▶).