Research Article: Unwrapping Bacteria

Date Published: January 2, 2014

Publisher: Public Library of Science

Author(s): Kevin D. Young, Daniel B. Kearns

Abstract: None

Partial Text: Imagine you must wrap a present—from the inside. You (as the “gift”) must first cover yourself with one or more sheets of light tissue paper, to keep from getting smudged or rattling around. Next, without leaving or tearing this papery cocoon, you must construct a rugged box to encase both gift and tissue, to protect against mishaps and external onslaughts. Finally, from deep within, using no tools that would damage or mar these previous bits of handiwork, you must overlay the whole parcel with a thin film of wrapping paper, colorfully patterned on its outer side but plain on its inner. If you are even more exuberant you may add ribbons, bows, and baubles to spruce up the completed package, but all the while you must remain embedded at center of these nested shells.